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A La Carte Menu

Beef Carpaccio - R85

with parmesan shavings & rocket


Oysters - R27 each

Shucked on ice


Grilled Calamari  - R74

Tubes served with lemon butter & sweet chilli jam


Calamari Heads - R81

Piquant & herb  butter brushed


Smoked Salmon - R94

Served with avo* and capers


Springrolls - R76

Prawn & feta, or Bobotie


Venison Skewer - R93

Rubbed,  grilled  and served on a bed of rocket drizzled with cranberry port jus


*Only available in season

Kudu Platter - R85

Taste of Karoo, salami and carpaccio with beetroot jam and shaved dill  pickle


Chicken Liver Stack - R67

Piquant  sauce, layered with potato chips


Beef Cheeks - R72

Ragu served  on mashed potato


Marrowbones - R65

Served with red onion, capers and

parsley salad



100g  Beef - R49

100g Venison - R64


Charcuterie Board - R65 per person

Shaved meat cuts

Beef/Chicken Prego Roll - R98

Served with fries


Boerewors and  Pap - R98

With tomato & pepper relish


Vegetable and  Feta Wrap - R82

Stir fried seasonal vegetables wrapped in a tortilla


Gourmet Burgers 200g patty (Single)


Classic with tomato & pepper relish - R86


Crispy bacon, avo* & sweet chilli  sauce - R98


Blue cheese and rocket - R98


Cheddar melt - R96





*Only available in season


Make your burger a double

add R42

Add Chicken R28

Salads Local Salad - R72 Mixed greens, feta, avo*, tomato, cucumber and Local dressing Sirloin and Rocket Salad - R112 Dijon mustard and thyme brushed, panfried in butter, served on a bed of rocket Blue Cheese Salad - R78 Local salad with blue cheese and Peppadew® cream dressing Chicken Caesar Salad - R98 Grilled breast with cos lettuce, croutons and crispy bacon Green Salad - R72 Fresh salad leaves, green beans, celery and parmesan shavings Haloumi Salad - R95 Local salad, topped with fried Haloumi *Only available in season Sides Pap - R27 With red pepper and tomato relish Mashed Potatoes - R39 and Beef Jus Sweet Potato Mash - R39 Fries - R27 Hand-cut Onion Rings • Polenta and cumin crusted - R39 • Beer battered - R39 Spinach and Butternut - R39 Sautéed Vegetables - R42 Sautéed OR steamed Green Beans - R42 Sautéed with garlic • Sautéed Mushrooms - R42 With red pepper and tomato relish Salad - R42 Local salad green OR blue cheese

Main dishes served with a complimentary side.

Grainfed Beef Rump Wet Aged (200g) - R130 Wet Aged (300g) - R165 Wet Aged (500g) - R237 Sirloin Wet Aged (200g) - R130 Wet Aged (300g) - R165 Wet Aged (500g) - R237 Fillet Wet Aged (200g) - R162 Wet Aged (300g) - R204 Wet Aged (500g) - R323 T Bone Dry Aged (500g) - R210 Dry Aged (700g) - R270 Dry Aged (1kg) - R420 Wing Rib/Ribeye Dry Aged (500g) - R210 Dry Aged (700g) - R270 
Sirloin on the Bone Dry Aged (500g) - R202 Dry Aged (700g) - R269 Fillet on the Bone Wet Aged (500g) - SQ
Grassfed Beef Rump Wet Aged (200g) - R143 Wet Aged (300g) - R191 Wet Aged (500g) - R287 Sirloin Wet Aged (200g) - R143 Wet Aged (300g) - R191 Wet Aged (500g) - R287 Fillet Wet Aged (200g) - R179 Wet Aged (300g) - R227 Wet Aged (500g) - R339 T Bone Dry Aged (500g) - R234 Dry Aged (700g) - R294 Wing Rib/Ribeye Dry Aged (500g) - R270 Dry Aged (700g) - R330

SAUCES - Made to order


Blue Cheese and Peppadew® - R30

Dijon Mustard and Chives - R30

Bearnaise - R42

Madagascan Peppercorn - R30

Mushroom - R30

Cranberry and Port Jus - R38

Trio of sauces - R35


Add Marrow Bone R22

Three Primal Cuts of Beef, Fillet, Rump and Sirloin

Grainfed (600g) - R329

Grainfed (1kg) - R473

Grassfed (600g) - R419

Grassfed (1kg) - R587


Grass vs Grain - R355

2 x 300g choice Sirloins, field to fork


Sausage - R174

Selection of boerewors, persion lamb sausages and venison wors, served with tomato pepper relish and mash OR pap

Add 500g Ribeye

Cous Cous and Vegetable Medley - R94

Seasonal vegetables with cous cous and tomato pepper relish (Vegan)


Salmon - SQ

Served on a bed of steamed vegetables with wasabi, ginger and soya sauce


Prawns - SQ

Butterflied and grilled, served with garlic butter and peri-peri sauce


Grilled Calamari - R165

Served with lemon butter and sweet chilli jam


Ostrich - R189

Grilled medallions with cranberry port jus


"Lamb Shack" Cutlets - R198

Rubbed and butter brushed


"Lamb Shack" Ribs - R210

Basted with honey and soya


Venison Steak - R190

Rubbed and grilled, served with a cranberry & port jus


Pork Neck - R155

Slow braised, with pap fries, pan fried mushrooms and a cranberry port jus

Pork Ribs - R224

Brushed with a lemon herb butter or basted with honey soya


Bobotie - R120

Traditional 'Cape-Malay' beef mince curry, with rice


Chicken Breasts - R120

Served with pesto, sweet chilli jam and balsamic glaze


Half Chicken (Free Range) - R150

Grilled, choice of peri-peri OR lemon

and herb


Brisket - R130

On mash potato in its own beef jus


Oxtail - R198

Slow braised in red wine served on mashed potato


Steak Tartare - R152

On Himalayan Salt


Picanha Bérnaise - R170

Himalayan Salt prepped rump

Main dishes served with a complimentary side

40 Minutes

Add MARTELL Cognac - R38

Desserts Affogato "Two Guys From Rome" Ice Cream - R56 Creamy home-made vanilla gelato, topped with a single espresso Decadent Home Made Ice Cream - R54 2 scoops of your choice (ask you waiter for selection) Classic Ice Cream - R48 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, drizzled with a Bar One chocolate sauce 
Pecan Nut Pie - R58 Served with fresh cream or vanilla ice cream Créme Brülée - R48 Chocolate Brownie - R56 Home baked, served warm with vanilla ice cream Local "bite size" Dessert Favourites - R62 
Assorted Belgian Truffles - R46 Chocolate Pudding - R58 Fine textured, rich and dark, baked to order (15 minutes) Bread and Butter Pudding - R59 Croissant, raisin and vanilla cream baked in the oven Malva Pudding - R52 Traditional pudding served with fresh créme anglaise Milk Tart - R43 Homemade local dessert Cheese Platter Selected Cheeses and Preserves with Biscuits For 1 person - R110 For 2-3 people - R160

Add MARTELL Congnac R38

Add Liqueur R38

Parktown North:

40 7th Ave, Cnr 7th & 3rd Ave, Parktown

+27 11 880 1946



Nairobi, Kenya

Village Market Centre, Gigiri, Nairobi

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