Since the inception of the The Local Grill in 2002, we have been fortunate enough to share our beef journey with many farmers, butchers and customers.

The Local Grill has strategic partnerships with Weber and Tramontina.


This has been done to create a platform for networking and showcasing the best beef with brands that compliment on another.

The kitchen tours offered in Parktown North have further resulted in new relationships with farmers from far afield as Brazil and throughout Africa.  We are proud of what we have achieved, we remain passionate about the beef experience we offer each and

 techniques, and a view the meat locker. “Weber beef appreciation” classes are also offered in this facility. Himalayan salt cooking and Oak wine staves are used to showcase the extensive range of beef and venison dishes on the menu at the restaurant.

Following strict ‘field to fork’ principles means that the beef is sourced from the best producers we can find, aged on the premises and cut to order.

In their quest to deliver the ultimate steak, the owners offer every customer a tour of the concept kitchen

This collaboration with beef producers has meant that over the years we have been able to showcase different breeds, beef from different regions and improve the offering year on year.

In their quest to deliver the ultimate steak, the owners of The Local Grill in Parktown North offer every customer a tour of the concept kitchen where they passionately share their cooking

every diner who visits The Local Grill, we are humbled and grateful for the numerous accolades and acknowledgements we continue to receive.  We look forward to sharing our journey with so many more.

The Wellington Local Grill at Val du Charron, nestling at the foot of the Groenberg mountain in contrast is on an Olive and Wine estate in the heart of the Bovlei valley with the majestic Hawequa Mountains on its eastern border.

Parktown North:

40 7th Ave, Cnr 7th & 3rd Ave, Parktown

+27 11 880 1946


Val Du Charron Wine & Olive Estate

Bovlei, Wellington

+27 21 873 1256